The Business ethics alliance presents:


Making Space for Ethics


 For more than ten years, the Business Ethics Alliance has been creating spaces for meaningful ethics conversations. Now, for the first time ever, we are hosting an exciting new event to expand that space for community and business leaders to convene and affirm their commitment to ethical practices.




It’s inspirational and educational, it’s positive and practical.
The EthicSpace Conference is a time and place for you to learn, from experts and each other, about how making space for ethics helps build successful teams

There are individuals in this world driven to do right.
People, like you, who make ethics come alive in their organizations. These are the kind of human beings the EthicSpace Conference was made for.

The EthicSpace Conference is a one-day experience like no other.
A special event for ever learners, where you can engage in mindful conversations and gain useful takeaways to influence a high-trust work culture.

Our Speakers

Developing a Trustworthy Character

Bill George
Former CEO and Chair of Medtronic

Building Ethics & Trust on a Team

Stacy Heen Lennon
Consultant at Triad Consulting

Each attendee will leave with a copy of these bestsellers and practical tools for influencing trust at work.


Align your company’s brand with ethical business practices. Highlight your firm as an organization that recruits ethical employees and provides an environment where ethical leadership is encouraged and expected. Attendees will be proud to see their firms listed as sponsors of EthicSpace.

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